10 Best Free Infographic Sites to Create Awesome Content

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Infographics are becoming a top way to create valuable content. You can highlight facts and numbers visually to make them easily digestible and memorable. Additionally, infographics may help you increase traffic and even rank on image search results.

You will find several online free infographics makers with a simple search. However, not all are up to the mark to make your content stand out.

So, here are the 10 best free infographics websites to generate excellent content.

1. Canva

Canva is one of the best sites to create free infographics. You can start with a free account and get down to designing your infographic right away.

The free version of Canva is more than you need to make infographics. You can access a range of graphics, icons, shapes, text boxes, fonts, and more without paying. The platform also displays the paid graphics that you can buy without becoming a premium member.

Canva makes the designing process very easy with drag-and-drop features. You can customize each element to your needs and change their size, orientation, and placement. For beginners, Canva has countless free infographics templates to rely on.

To be fair, Canva is more than an infographic-generation tool. You can create professional content like visual CVs, posters, magazine covers, mind maps, and more.

2. Visme

Visme is another wonderful tool for your infographic projects. You can design up to 5 infographics or projects per month with a free account. Along with that, you get 100MB storage and can download your designs as JPG images.

Visme will give you limited resources for free. You will be able to use templates to start your infographic and save some work. Visme free resources include limited charts, graphs, images, videos, audio, and icons.

You can make infographics without restrictions but won’t be able to use your branding. For that, you need to subscribe to a paid plan.

Visme is intuitive and uses drag-and-drop to help you design easily. You can add innovative elements like animations or gestures to make your infographics stand out.

Moreover, you can share your creations and even track how many people viewed them.

3. Piktochart

Piktochart offers a free plan for basic users to create up to 5 projects per month. The only drawback is, your infographics will contain the Piktochart watermark unless you become a paid member.

Piktochart is more generous than Visme in its offering of free resources. You can access all templates without any restrictions. Additionally, you will be free to use the image and illustration library for your designs.

You also get 40MB of space to upload your images.

Piktochart lets you visualize complex data to help your audience grasp it easily. You can use graphs and charts to express your numbers and create engaging content.

Additionally, Piktochart is useful to create reports, posters, and even brochures. Paid plans also give you the ability to use your logos and branding.

4. Easelly

Easelly may fit your bill if you want to create professional infographics. You can register for free, choose a template, customize it, and download the file. There is no need to pay anything!

Best of all, your infographics will not bear any nasty watermark. However, you do need to pay for designing more infographics.

We deiced to include Easelly in our list due to its affordability. Students can enjoy the perks of the platform at just $2, while businesses can go pro at $5 per month. The charges are lower than most of the plans out there.

Additionally, Easelly has special pricing for education and non-profit organizations to save some money.

The process of creating your infographics is quite simple. You can use countless design elements and use drag-and-drop to create your design.

5. Designcap

Designcap can help you create professional infographics in minutes. You can go along with a free account that comes with some restrictions like limited templates and stock media. The website lets you save 5 designs for free, and you can only upload 5 images per month.

You don’t need to pay anything if you are satisfied with the restrictions. The free account will let you create 5 infographics every month for life. Businesses that publish one blog per week may find the tool useful to their needs.

Designcap works like other services on our list. You begin with a template and customize it to match your preferences. Adding images, graphs, art, and media is quite easy and needs no creative knack.

You can download your infographics and share them online with your audience.

6. Venngage

Venngage is a premium tool to create spectacular designs. You can start your journey with a free account and create a maximum of 5 designs every month. However, your free infographics will carry the Venngage branding unless you have a business account.

Venngage comes with prebuilt charts and icons to create your infographics. You can also upload image files and use them for your designs. The free account is limited to uploading only 5 images per month.

Venngage does more than helping you make infographics. You can make presentations, flyers, banners, eBooks, resumes, reports, mind maps, flow charts- the list is almost endless.

The website has countless templates for your infographics. You will find templates to suit the needs of most businesses. So, whether you want to make a finance infographic or a marketing one, you will have enough resources.

7. Snappa

Snappa is a full-fledged graphic designing tool. You have a free account that gives you adequate features to make your infographics. You can get:

  • More than 6,000 inbuilt templates
  • Countless stock images and graphics
  • 3 designs to download per month

The templates are a great way for novice folks to start creating infographics. You can even choose your image dimensions and make your design fit for your content.

Snappa lets you add cool effects and texts in simple steps without any hassle. You can also enjoy a choice of fonts, vectors, shapes, and more.

Additionally, you can do a bit of editing with Snappa. For example, you can remove the background of images with a click to use other backgrounds.

Snappa has helped designers create more than 20 million designs till now.

8. Adobe Spark

Adobe is a well-known name for its visual solutions. You can always count on products from Adobe to be reliable and cutting-edge. No wonder, Adobe had to feature in our list of best infographic websites list!

Adobe Spark is a completely free infographic maker with advanced features. You get inspiration for your design from countless professionally-made templates. They are easily customizable and even ready to be branded, but only in premium plans.

You can add several elements like animated stickers, short videos, and more to your designs. All you need is a click and zero technical or designing knowledge.

Adobe also resizes your designs based on your application. You can auto-resize your infographics for blogs, social media posts, or websites.

Adobe lets you create unlimited infographics and download them without restrictions for free.

9. Mind the Graph

If you’re looking for a professional tool, Mind the Graph is the way to go. It is available as a freemium version and needs no credit card to sign up. However, all your designs will bear Mind the Graph watermark unless you upgrade.

Mind the Map is great for making infographics and a range of designs. You can create up to 4 designs every month with free resources and get one file upload. But you may freely access the library of illustrations and graphics.

Mind the Graph is suitable for people who deal with data or numbers. They can create visually appealing infographics without experiencing a learning curve. The platform is also suitable for scientists to create scientific drawings. Academicians around the world also contribute many resources.

10. SmartDraw

SmartDraw is a dedicated infographics maker you can try for free. It is very easy to create eye-catching designs and populate them with your data. You have ready-made templates to inspire your creativity and get down to making the best infographics.

Every template on the website is ready to be customized. You can change the color of elements, add text, and upload your pictures and graphics. After you’re done, you can share your infographics via Google Drive, Dropbox, and more.

SmartDraw works on all devices as it is based in the cloud. You can even use your smartphone to make infographics without downloading any app.

Best of all, SmartDraw provides support even for free users. So, you can always resolve your issues or get assistance if you are stuck.

Final Thoughts

You now have the best websites to make your infographics. The free versions of these platforms are adequate for businesses that publish a few blogs every month. If you want more freedom, the only way is to subscribe to a paid plan. You will be able to create more infographics and remove any unwanted watermarks. Compare the pricing of the infographics websites we recommended and choose the one that fits your budget.