10 UX Principles to Create an Awesome Website

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Your website’s conversion rate can surge by 200% if your UX design pleases your visitors. Therefore, you must do everything in your power to create a website with fantastic UX to win hearts.

Here are the top 10 UX principles that let you create an awesome website. We will start with one of the most basic factors that can increase your website footfall by multiple times.

1. Improve Your Website Loading Speed

Businesses lose approximately $2.6 billion in revenues because of websites that load slowly. As a result, the first UX principle to embed in your mind is to improve your website loading speed.

The first step for that is to choose a reliable hosting provider and the right plan. Next, you should try to keep your code lean and free of complexities.

Additionally, you may perform several tasks to boost your speed based on your website’s current status. For example, using caching or CDNs to serve your content faster.

2. Keep It Simple

No one has time to go through your website and read everything. People generally scan your website to find relevant information or perform a desired task.

Therefore, your website needs to remove any distractions or clutter that can confuse users. Moreover, your website should be easy to navigate and intuitive.

Usability tests may go a long way to help you determine if your website is a pleasure or pain to use.

3. Make CTAs Stand Out

Your website is built for a purpose. You may want to sell a product, encourage people to download your eBook, or attract guests to your new hotel.

Naturally, your website will have CTAs that visitors will click to fulfill your purpose. So, along with being simple, your CTAs need to catch attention and stand out easily.

You can use many designing tricks to achieve your goal, like making your CTAs bigger than the surrounding text. Additionally, write crisp and clever CTAs that make your offers irresistible.

4. Make Logins Easier

57% of Americans who reset their passwords forget in instantly, shows a survey of 2,005 people. Additionally, the average American is locked out of 10 online accounts in a month.

As a result, signing in is still a big hassle for the majority of the people. How can you overcome this obstacle to deliver a great user experience?

You can use OTP to help your users log in. Alternatively, you can use Google login, social media accounts, and more to allow your visitors to sign in.

5. Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

More than 3 billion people in the world use a smartphone. So, they also use their mobiles to browse the internet and visit your website.

Therefore, your mobile needs to work well on smartphones to convert mobile users. A responsive website design can go a long way to make your website appear flawless on different screens.

In addition, you should adopt best practices like mobile-first indexing for making your sites appear in mobile search results.

6. Use Bold Text

The human attention span is down to around 8 seconds from 12 seconds in 2000. So, we have lost around 4 seconds of attention span due to the overcrowding of screens around us.

As a result, it is getting difficult to catch the attention of your website visitors.

We all know a fundamental UX principle is to make your website scannable. Now, UX designers are using bold text to convey information faster and more effectively.

However, you need to limit yourself on the use of bold typography and use it sparingly. In addition, make sure your bold texts appear properly on different screens.

7. Consistency is Key

Professionals in branding know the importance of being consistent. This is the reason you see big names in the industry maintaining similar design and visual characteristics across their communications.

So, you are likely to find the same color palette or typography in a brand’s brochure and website. Taking that a step further, you should maintain consistency across your website and its pages.

Being consistent allows your visitors to become familiar with your design and learn quicker. You can also save effort by not reinventing the wheel every time.

8. Provide Feedback

Interactivity is vital to boost user experience. Therefore, your website design should be highly interactive and ease the process of communication between a human and a machine.

The best way to do this is to provide feedback to your website visitors once they perform an action. For example, the color of a button can change or it can light up when someone clicks it.

In addition, you can also display confirmation messages so that your visitors get a sense of assurance.

9. Try to Grasp Information Architecture

Your website must have a planned information architecture for users to make sense. It is about considering every page and piece of information you want to put on your website.

In simple words, you need to organize everything on your website neatly. Start from the vital and big thing and progress to smaller and less important things.

However, your information architecture should be developed before you create your wireframe. This will provide important cues to your designer to create a fitting website for your audience.

10. Offer Customizations

People like to stay in control when they use a digital product. Additionally, they like to tailor the product as per their preferences and likes.

Therefore, it is necessary to offer as many customizations as possible to your website visitors. This might be as simple as letting your users change configurations or undo settings.

You can even get creative and offer a dark theme or appearance customizations. It allows every user to create an experience as per his or her liking.

Final Thoughts

Your UX needs to be impeccable to impress, engage, and retain your website visitors. If you have a lacking UX, your conversion rates can take a hit. However, you can work with us to redesign your website and boost your traffic and conversions. We can also design your site from scratch to deliver fantastic user experiences. Get in touch with us today.