Absolutely Free 5 Best LMS Plugins for WordPress

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Do you want a solid LMS for WordPress?

Looking for a free LMS for WordPress can land you in frustrations. You won’t easily find a plugin that does what you need without any charge. So, we decided to help and dig out the best hidden LMS plugins that are totally free. 

You can download any plugin and start creating your course today.

1. LearnPress Online Course

LearnPress is a free yet powerful LMS for WordPress. You get all the features to create and sell your courses. Plus, you can also go for multiple free add-ons to enjoy more functionalities. 

LearnPress believes in keeping education free, and you won’t need anything else to sell your course. It does have a premium version with more themes and ways to make money. 

Let’s take a look at what you can do with LearnPress for free-

  • Create your course using an easy-to-use interface
  • Add quizzes, videos, and images to your courses
  • Content-drip for easy content assignment
  • Export your course to other websites using LearnPress
  • Sell your course and accept payment using PayPal, Stripe, and more
  • Interact with students on community forums
  • Manage your course and view statistics and trends

You can get free add-ons that include-

  • Student wishlist to add courses
  • Allow access to courses through exams
  • Review any course for your students
  • Create orders for offline payments
  • Create fill-in-the-blank questions

LearnPress is available in many languages like Dutch, Russian, and French, apart from English. You can also target international markets that don’t speak English. You also get a YouTube tutorial to find your way around the plugin and make your course. 

Why Use LearnPress

LearnPress boasts of countless features that come at zero cost. It’s user-friendly and lets you create courses without any coding knowledge. Additionally, LearnPress works with any WordPress theme you have installed on your site.

Plus, you can also use it for multiple websites running WordPress. 

Drawback: The support team seems to be not very helpful. It’s a free plugin, after all!

2. WP Courses LMS

WP Courses is yet another wonderful LMS for creating your course. You can take advantage of drag-and-drop features to make interactive courses with videos, images, and audio. The only drawback of WP Courses is you can’t sell your course, unlike LearnPress. 

The only way around is the premium version that uses WooCommerce for monetization. The paid version also lets you add quizzes and automate emails based on student actions. At the time of writing, the premium version was priced at $79.

Now, let’s see what you get with the free version of WP Courses-

  • Intuitive interface with drag-and-drop to make your courses
  • Add media to your courses
  • Make your courses look good on mobile devices
  • Track the progress of your students and their activity
  • Student interface to track performance
  • Limit access of courses to logged-in users only
  • Manage access to individual lessons
  • Seamless interface to browse courses
  • Support endless courses
  • Provide support for translations

Why Use WP Courses

WP Courses is not very popular but is worth the try. You get basic features to develop your course and provide it to your students. The plugin is also intuitive and easy to set up. Plus, like LearnPress, it works with all WordPress themes.

Additionally, you also get a good support from the team in case of issues. The plugin also comes with regular updates and features for more benefits.

Drawback: You can’t sell your course with LearnPress. That might create problems unless you have some way to charge students. 

Plus, you also don’t get many advanced features as you do with LearnPress.

3. LifterLMS Free

LifterLMS is a premium plugin that offers a light and free version. The zero-cost plugin is all you need to make and sell your course with manual payments. That means you have to buy a paid eCommerce add-on to take online payments. 

You can perform basic tasks with LifterLMS like-

  • Make your course
  • Add quizzes, images, videos, and more
  • Create memberships to your courses
  • Student badges, certificates, and other engagement elements
  • Send and automate emails

The above is pretty much what you can do with the charge-free version of LifterLMS. For anything more, you have to buy individual plugins or an affordable bundle. If you decide to pay, you get a choice of add-ons like-

  • eCommerce add-on to take online payments
  • Social learning experience like Facebook
  • Paid themes
  • Private areas for individual coaching
  • Email marketing 

LifterLMS allows you to try all the paid plugins for 30 days at $1 with a demo site. You can learn your way and experiment with the tools to decide if they are worth investing in. If you don’t like them, you have only a dollar to lose. Plus, you won’t be charged any recurring fees. 

Why Use LifterLMS Free

LifterLMS is a simple LMS you can use free of charge. Beginners can learn how to use an LMS and even create courses with interactive elements. If you can think of a way to accept online payments, you can even keep using LifterLMS until you go big scale.

Drawback: You are limited to doing pretty basic stuff with the free version of the LMS. 

4. Tutor LMS

Tutor LMS is a free and comprehensive tool to launch your courses. It does have premium add-ons, but you won’t need them unless you are into a big gig. Tutor LMS has enough features to sell your courses and offer a great service to your students.

Here is a short list of things you can do for free-

  • Develop unlimited courses intuitively
  • Support for Gutenberg editor
  • Include videos, images, quizzes, and Q&As
  • Student dashboard for managing course
  • Educator profiles and lesson management
  • Accept limited online payments
  • Allocate and pay member earnings
  • View purchase history and amounts
  • Easy withdrawal methods for instructors
  • Smart course widget
  • Track course progress
  • Customize course requirements and eligibilities
  • Easily configure monetization settings

You have more features to become a pro teacher or educator. The paid add-ons help you scale your business, add more payment methods and advanced analytics. You have countless choices to make your LMS more powerful. 

Why Use Tutor LMS

Tutor LMS is rich in features that come for free. You won’t feel the need to pay for add-ons, except maybe adding more payment gateways. The interface is intuitive and lets you create your courses in a simple manner. You can also easily embed interactive elements to drive up engagement.

Tutor LMS is also highly popular and has earned impressive ratings. You won’t need anything else once you start using the plugin, that too, free of cost.

The customer service is helpful, and you even get regular updates all the while. We don’t think you can ask for more at zero cost!

Drawback: Reports are not up to the mark. 

5. Namaste! LMS

Namaste! LMS is another feature-rich LMS that doesn’t need you to pay a single cent. You can enjoy advanced options to sell your course and grow your business. The tool sells premium add-ons, but you can start your business without any of them.

What does Namaste! LMS let you do?

  • Create and manage unlimited courses
  • Manual approval of students enrolling for courses
  • Create and manage countless lessons
  • Add media elements like images and videos
  • Set goals for lesson completion
  • Create and accept student assignments
  • Manage students and assign different user roles
  • Create and manage certificates
  • Provide feedback, add notes, and give badges
  • Accept payments with PayPal and Stripe
  • Sell your courses via WooCommerce
  • School accounts for enterprise clients
  • User history with details
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Use ranking for your students
  • Connect and engage students 
  • Send auto-notifications to students
  • Automate and send mass emails

The above are the most notable features of Namaste! LMS. You can get more features for free, but whether you need them all or not is a different question. 

Why Use Namaste! LMS

You must have realized by now Namaste! LMS is one of the most powerful LMS for WordPress. The list of features tells you how comprehensive the LMS is. You can get advanced options to create and sell unlimited courses and lessons.

The tool makes it easy to manage your courses and students. You can also use various elements to optimize your courses and engage students. As a result, your students are also going to enjoy the learning experience. 

You will never find a shortage of features in the free version. However, you can also check out the paid add-ons if you want your LMS to be fully professional.

Drawback: You can take payments using two methods in the free version.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have decided which LMS is going to fit your bill. You can select any plugin that lets you sell your course and accept payments. An intuitive interface and drag-and-drop functionality can also make your life easy. Plus, choose an LMS that lets you embed videos, images, and quizzes. 

The premium add-ons are always available if you want to scale your business. You can familiarize yourself with the free versions and then go for the paid tools when you are ready.