13 Best Chrome Extensions for Web Developers in 2021

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Looking for the best chrome extensions for web developers?

Google Chrome has been an old and reliable companion for all your browsing needs. A few years later, it was released, Chrome extensions started appearing on the scene. Today, those extensions make our life easy and help us save a lot of time. 

Web developers can also take advantage of several chrome extensions to assist in their projects. Today we will check out some of the best Google Chrome extensions for web developers. You can keep these tools handy to use for your projects for more productivity and efficiency. So, let’s begin with our list without any more delay!

1. SEOquake

SEOquake is a free extension that takes care of your SEO needs. You can use SEOquake to assess all your SEO metrics in a jiffy. The extension also lets you analyze SERPs and makes keyword research more easy.

The best feature of the SEO Chrome extension is its ability to perform complete SEO audits of websites. You can even keep a tab on your social statistics for strategic social media campaigns. The tool also allows you to run reports on links and compare domains. 

The extension has a rating of 4.6 stars on the Chrome Web Store and thousands of positive reviews. It has also been downloaded heavily around the globe by web developers. The tool is easy to install and user-friendly for all. 

2. Stylus

Stylus is a neat user style manager that sits nicely on your Chrome as a web development extension. You can use Stylus to implement themes and skins for a range of websites. The extension gives you access to unlimited scripts in use around the web. You can download the scripts and edit them as per your preferences before installing them. 

Stylus is an adept tool for those with a technical knack. You can use the extension to build your own scripts flawlessly. Else, you can pick an existing theme and edit as you wish. Best of all, novice developers can use the extension to learn using trial and error.

Stylus is used by more than 400,000 people and comes with a rating of 4.6. 

3. Tag Assistant

Tag Assistant by Google is a great extension to audit your Google tags. You can verify if all tags on your site are working properly. The extension checks your tags using various verticals like-

  • Google Analytics
  • Adwords Conversion Tracking
  • Google Tag Manager

You can simply go to any webpage and get a ready analysis of existing tags. The extension also tracks any issues and recommends ways to optimize your implementations. Additionally, the extension enables you to track user flow and troubleshoot your tags quickly. 

You can get the most out of Google Tags using Tag Assistant. Keep this tool handy to ensure your tags are bringing you the desired results. 

4. WhatFont

How many times have you wondered what font the site is using?

If that happened infinite times, you should switch over to using WhatFont. It’s a cool and simple extension to find out what any webpage uses. You just need to hover your mouse over fonts and get a ready record of all fonts used. 

Plus, you can also track the service the website used to implement the fonts. 

5. daily.dev

Developers need to keep pace with the tech world. Unless you are aware of the latest developments, you can’t offer your clients cutting-edge solutions. As a result, most web developers spend a lot of time finding and reading tech news. 

Daily. dev helps developers save time and get all important tech news in one place. The extension sources information from more than 350 sources to present you in a neat interface. You can use the tool at will for free and without any restrictions. 

Use daily.dev to grow in your profession and stay above the competition. 

6. Window Resizer

Window Resizer is another wonderful chrome extension for web developers. You can try your web layouts in different resolutions to see which ones work best. The tool is useful to create layouts for various devices that support different resolutions. 

You get a long list of readymade resolutions to try out for your layouts. The extension also lets you create custom resolutions with the full ability to edit widow height-width and icons. You also get global key shortcuts for extra convenience. 

7. Web Maker

Web Maker is a great Chrome extension for novice web developers. You can practice all your skills and perform your experiments using this neat tool. It lets you work with CSS, Java, HTML, and more from a single browser only. 

Web Maker comes with an in-built console and even allows you to experiment offline. You can also fork any creation and use popular templates for your libraries. The extension features uncountable editors and lets you configure it as you please. 

Moreover, you can save your work and even import or export it at will. Web Maker is also great for experimenting with fonts and code autocompletion. 

8. Google Maps Platform API Checker

Google Maps has become a common part of most websites. You will invariably find a Google map on a business website’s contact page to show its location. 

Most of you will use licensed Google Maps Platform APIs for the job. But how do you know if all your maps are working fine?

Google Maps Platform API Checker is what you need to keep your maps up and running. The extension tells you what’s wrong with your API the moment you load a page with Google Maps. You don’t need to go anywhere else but refer to your address bar for more information. 

The tool saves a lot of time and effort for web developers, to be sure. 

9. GoFullPage

Taking screenshots of webpages is a tricky task. You may not always get the best shot or miss out on elements you need to capture. How about a Chrome extension that makes the job easy?

GoFullPage is your answer for foolproof screenshots of websites. You can transform an entire webpage into an image with every element you need. The extension also works well for challenging sites that contain embedded iframes, scrollable components, and more. 

You can drag-and-drop the screenshot onto your PC or download it as a PDF. 

10. ColorZilla

Did you find a color on a webpage interesting? 

Don’t know what the color is? 

Want to implement the color on your website?

ColorZilla is a one-stop solution for all your web color queries and implementations. You can use an eye dropper (similar to Photoshop) to pick up the color of any pixel on a page. That gives you an instant color reading and all information you need to use it. 

ColorZilla also goes a step ahead and lets you copy the color to another program. You can also generate color palettes for any site and capture colors from Flash animations. It is also useful as a CSS gradient generator, and picks up colors of even dynamic hover elements.

11. Cookie-Editor

Cookie-Editor is an easy-to-use cookie editor and manager. You can use the Chrome extension to create and edit cookies from the same tab quickly. The extension is ideal for regular cookie tasks and running tests for your webpages. Plus, you may also take backups or share your cookies with your team. 

Cookie-Editor is also nice for managing cookies manually to preserve your primacy.

12. Wappalyzer

Wappalyzer is one of the best Chrome extensions for web developers. We have to say it’s a perfect tool to get a complete report of technologies used by a website. The extension tracks CMS and a wide range of technologies like-

  • Programming languages
  • Payment gateways
  • Marketing apps
  • CDN

Wappalyzer tracks more than a thousand technologies to give you a ready report of what’s in use. 

13. Broken Link Checker

The last extension on our list is a nice way to check for broken links. The extension scans entire webpages and websites to create a list of links that has stopped working. You don’t need to run anything or download extra files. All internal and external links will be checked once you add Broken Link Checker to your Chrome. 

Final Thoughts

Chrome extensions for web developers will help you save time and boost productivity. However, using extensions doesn’t always lead to professional results. You need to hire expert talents who are adept at creating tailored solutions to meet your unique business needs.  Wizard Communications is your best choice for custom web and software development. We have years of experience and the best talents in your industry to help you take your business to a new height. Contact us today for a friendly consultation to get your project started.