10 Best Free Stock Video Sites to Create Awesome Content

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Using anything from the internet without permission may attract consequences. In our last blog, we saw how using online images without proper rights can land you in trouble. The same applies to videos you find on the internet.

Any work of art may have a copyright. Using any such work without approval can attract lawsuits and unnecessary hassles. A better approach is using copyright-free videos that don’t create any issues for you.

In this blog, we will explore what may happen if you use stolen videos on your website or blogs. Once you are aware, we will present the 10 largest free video sites to fit your bill.

What Happens When You Use Online Videos without Permission

We all know using copyright material without due permission is a way to land yourself in jeopardy. You may have to fight out in the courts and pay a heavy fine. Along with that, your brand may suffer reputation damage with customers losing their trust.

However, things don’t always have to act out so extreme. You can experience many smaller consequences that are damaging as well.

Facebook has tools for content creators to find stolen videos and flag them down. It’s not new news, and the social media giant has been serious about copyright protection years back.

YouTube also has a strict policy about using copyright work. You cannot upload videos that belong to someone else.

As a result, you will not get away by using any video from the internet. Even if you don’t go to court, you can still get your content taken down. Think about it.

All the effort and hours you spent creating your video go to waste. Along with that, you also lose your views, likes, shares, and comments.

Your whole content strategy can go out of gear if your content starts getting taken down. Soon, you will find all your followers and subscribers leaving.

Everyone values original content. Nobody cares about people who steal videos.

Can I Use Videos under Fair Usage?

You can use videos available in the public domain easily. Plus, any video without copyright is fit for free use. You may also be able to use parts of a video under the user’s rights.

However, you have to research a lot to use videos under fair usage without attracting consequences. Additionally, you can use only parts of certain types of videos.

We don’t think it pays to go into so many hassles when you can get free videos without copyright. Here are the top 10 free stock video sites to source your content.

1. Pexels Videos

Pexels is a new kid on the block for stock images and videos. You can access a large collection of short videos contributed by the dedicated community.

Pexels has videos on almost every niche. You can download high-quality videos for free and use them in your content. You are also allowed to use the videos for commercial and marketing purposes.

Additionally, the Pexels license grants you the freedom to edit your videos any way you want.

Like all stock sites, you can’t use the videos to endorse something directly. Plus, you can’t show the people in the videos in a bad manner.

2. Videvo

Videvo is another nice place to get free stock videos. You can browse a collection of more than 15,000 clips to add to your videos.

Additionally, you get free motion graphics, sound effects, and music tracks to create awesome content. You can also access free 4K stock videos with daily updates.

The motion graphics are a cool set of videos that capture motion of different scenes. Waves, rotating earth, moving clouds, rising smoke- are some of the examples of motion graphics on the platform.

Moreover, you also have abstract patterns moving in different ways for more appeal.

Some videos on Videvo are available only for paid downloads.

3. Mazwai

Mazwai is a good pick if you want royalty-free videos shot in cinematic style. The videos are created by artists and handpicked by an internal team to give you the best.

You can download and use the videos for free under two licenses. One is the Creative Commons 3.0 license that grants you freedom of commercial use.

You also have the Mazwai License that lets you use videos commercially without attributions.

Mazwai offers a wide collection of free videos across countless genres. You will be spending quite a bit of time on the platform before you run out of videos to use.

4. Videezy

Videezy is an ideal choice for stock 4K video footages. You can get endless videos to add to projects of varying nature. However, that’s not the only perk of using Videezy.

The platform provides a few unique things. One of them is the video backgrounds. You can pick from many free backgrounds that play in a loop and are easy to edit. The backgrounds will suit many videos, whether you want a jungle or an abstract painting as your backdrop.

Another thing we like about Videezy is the after effects templates. You get ready-made templates to use as the foundation for your videos. Some are also geared for business applications.

Videezy also has paid downloads along with copyright-free videos.             

5. Mixkit

You can surely include Mixkit in your list of free stock video sites. Free downloads are applicable on all clips on the platform that are available in 1080p. You can use the free videos in your creations and marketing without any problem.

Mixkit also offers a range of music tracks and sound effects to improve your content. You can also get free Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and After Effects templates. Anyone will be able to create a professional video using the resources at Mixkit.

The platform has a separate license for each type of content. Be sure to read them to be familiar with your rights.

6. Pixabay

Pixabay is a popular name in the world of free stock images and videos. It has got one of the largest collections of free stock videos on the internet. You can download the videos for free and add them to your compilations without worries.

Along with that, Pixabay provides free music to spice up your videos.

The platform is really fast compared to other free stock video sites. The previews load in under a second, and you don’t even need to open each video to see what it looks like.

You can also sign up for Pixabay for free.

7. Coverr

Coverr is a great place to find a big collection of royalty-free videos. There are no hidden terms or catch, and you can download and use all videos for free. All applications, including commercial and personal use, are allowed.

Another cool thing is free virtual backgrounds for your Zoom calls. You don’t have to talk with your friends or clients in front of a boring backdrop. Just use the free backgrounds from Coverr and make things exciting.

You are also free to edit or modify the videos as per your needs.

8. Vidsplay

You have another free stock video site, Vidsplay, to avoid any consequences of stolen videos. You can pick any video and use it for any purpose granted by the free license. That surely includes commercial applications in your presentations or vlogs.

Vidsplay has a simple interface with a search bar to find your free videos. You also have a Categories drop-down menu to narrow your choice.

Vidsplay contains ads, and sponsored videos show up on the sidebars. But you can ignore them and download the free content with complete peace of mind.

Just read the terms of use before you make your video public.

9. EvantoElements

EvantoElements is a stock video site you need to subscribe for free content. However, there is a limit of downloads you have to restrict yourself with. The free account lets you download only 12 videos each month.

However, the collection is quite huge, as it’s an Evanto project. Evanto is a popular marketplace where artists sell their digital creative assets. You can access a part of that collection by creating your free account. You can also get free video templates, sound effects, graphics, fonts, and more.

EvantoElements can meet your needs if you create only two or three videos every month.

10. Life of Vids

Life of Vids provides condition-free stock vides that you can use without any payments. The collection of free stock videos is quite huge, and you can expect high-quality footage.

Commercial use is permitted for the free videos, and you don’t need to pay any attribution. However, Life of Vids would like it if you mention its name once or twice to help the community.

The only restriction comes when you want to redistribute the videos. In that case, your limit is 10 videos.

We think most of you are not looking to redistribute videos, so it should be fine.

Final Thoughts

Always read the terms and licenses of free stock video sites. Not all platforms permit the same usage rights. You should make yourself aware of your rights to stay safe. However, we have ensured to list free stock video sites that permit commercial use. So, you can pick any site and create a stunning video.

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