How to Hire a Quality Hosting Service

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Businesses have long realized the benefits of establishing an online presence. The pandemic expedited the process of going digital, and the result is 200 million active websites on the internet.

However, just creating a website doesn’t mean you can compete with your rivals. For that, you need to provide an excellent user experience and reliable performance.

Additionally, you need a sturdy infrastructure that can accommodate the needs of a growing business and let you scale seamlessly.

Here are some strategies to make sure you choose the right hosting service. Many entrepreneurs have used these approaches to find the best solution for their requirements.

So, let’s start with the essential consideration.

Determine What You Need

The hosting industry has expanded to offer a range of solutions to businesses and enterprises. You can easily get lost in the portfolio of products that a hosting provider presents to you.

Therefore, the first step is to learn the difference between the different types of hosting. Some of them are:

  • Cloud hosting
  • Shared hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Managed hosting

Additionally, take your time and think about what matches your needs. For example, managed hosting is suitable for entrepreneurs who don’t have the technical knowledge to manage their websites.

However, a company with an IT team may not pay extra to hire professionals to run their website.

Assess the Infrastructure

All hosting providers will have physical servers that host your website. The same applies to virtual hosting, even though the name suggests otherwise.

You should evaluate the infrastructure of a hosting service before you sign the deal. Do they have enough resources to support your traffic? How many data centers do they have around the globe?

Most importantly, will you have the backup to scale your website when the time comes?

You should find the answer to critical questions like these before you hire a hosting provider.

Nature of Support

Support is essential as you are going to run into problems or have queries about your website. Good customer support can make a big difference in how well you are able to serve your customers.

In fact, it can have a direct impact on your profitability if your website earns you revenues. Amazon will lose millions of dollars if its site shuts down, even for a few hours.

As a result, your hosting service should come with reliable customer support to have your back. Here are some tips for evaluating the support of any provider:

  • Excellent support means quick response time. Your provider should get back to you ASAP so that your website can keep serving users.
  • Check out the resolution time when you raise a ticket. Good hosting services take hours and not minutes to resolve an issue.
  • 24/7 phone support or live chat are best for less-technical entrepreneurs. You don’t want your website to go off the radar till it’s morning for your hosting provider.
  • A comprehensive knowledge base reduces the need for contacting support. It provides answers to many questions that may arise frequently.
  • Look for genuine customer reviews. Focus on the negative ones to know what a hosting company lacks.

A Wide Choice of Plans

Businesses come with unique needs, even if they belong to the same industry. Moreover, the need may change over time as your business goes through high and low demand.

As a result, you may not be able to stick with the same hosting plan for your entire life. You may need to upgrade or choose a basic plan, maybe for off-seasons.

Your hosting service should have several plans so that you can switch between them as you please. It does not make sense to pay more for higher bandwidth if your website is expected to receive low traffic.

So, go with a provider that gives you ample choices when it comes to hosting plans.

Physical Location

Location is a top consideration for choosing a hosting service. You want to partner with a hosting company that is in or nearest to your target market.

So, if you sell your products in the USA, don’t go for hosting with its servers in Australia. You should look for a provider in your country or nearest to it, such as Canada.

The reason is that servers located far away can cause delays in your website loading time. Your users may also have to wait several seconds to get a response to their queries or actions.

Data travels at light speeds through modern connectivity technologies like optic fiber. However, It will still take more than a few seconds if data has to travel halfway through the world. Naturally, that means your response times will also take a hit.

Therefore, always work with a provider that serves your target markets.

Top Security

Cybercrime was a problem even before the pandemic. However, COVID-19 has doubled the cost of cybercrime to the world at $6 trillion.

Additionally, the cost of data breaches is the highest in 17 years since IBM has been tracking it worldwide.

Your hosting provider plays a big part in securing your website. They do the basics, like using a web application firewall (WAF) to keep cybercriminals at bay. Moreover, they configure your website the right way so that you can close as many loopholes as possible.

Therefore, you need to work with a provider that takes security seriously. You should enquire about the security features and controls in place to ensure you aren’t compromising.

You can also search for any past incidents of cybercrime or attacks and how your provider handled them. Were they quick to get back online or suffered a serious hit?

The answer can be vital to choosing your hosting service.

Final Thoughts

Take your time and research well before you sign up for a hosting service. Along with that, use our tips to ensure you join hands with the right provider to achieve your business objectives. Moreover, you can partner with Wizard if you want to design and build a fantastic website.