Node.JS vs. Django vs. Laravel: Which Is the Best Back-End Web Framework in 2022?

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Node.js vs. Django vs. Laravel – which should you choose for your project?

All the three above are excellent web frameworks for back-end development. You can use them to build quality web apps that charm your customers.

In addition, all of them are used by big brands to earn profits.

However, it can be a difficult task to choose a framework for your project. You have to weigh several factors to select the right tool for your needs.

Unfortunately, there is no clear winner when it comes to back-end web frameworks. Each one suits specific goals and objectives you want to achieve.

So, here is a comparison of the three tools to help you make an informed choice.

Node.JS vs. Django vs. Laravel: Which Is the Most Popular Web Framework?

Let’s compare the popularity of Node.js, Django, and Laravel to understand which the top one in the market is. We will fall back on the Stack Overflow survey 2021, where developers from around the world vote on their favorite technologies.

Let’s take up the languages first that drive these frameworks.

JavaScript has remained the most common language used by developers worldwide. Close to 65% of developers use JS for creating the best apps.

Among these frameworks, Node.js is a JavaScript environment and facilitates cross-platform development. It is used by 33.91% of programmers and is popular for working on a single thread.

Best of all, the framework provides optimum support through the libraries. You can also expect your app to perform like a champ if you use it for your development.

Django is based on Python and 14.99% of developers in the world. However, Python itself is highly popular and is the choice of language for 48.24% of software engineers.

One reason for Django’s popularity is the low learning curve. You will find many proficient developers with skills in this framework to ensure development success.

Laravel is one of the top PHP frameworks and is used by 10.12% of programmers. However, PHP itself is the favorite resource for 21.98% of developers.

Laravel comes with pre-built features that ease development and help you market faster. Additionally, you don’t have to write HTML codes as it uses an MVC structure.

However, you need a bit of knowledge in PHP to make the most of the framework.

Going by popularity, Node.js is the top choice of developers. It is also used by leading names in the industry like Netflix, PayPal, eBay, Walmart, and Mozilla.

Node.JS vs. Django vs. Laravel: Which is the Best Web Framework for Back-End?

Now, let’s see which of the back-end frameworks stand out in the competition. We will try to make a case for each tool so that you know which is the right choice for you.


Node.js should be your choice if your product needs to scale. You can scale your app both horizontally and vertically to meet growing demands.

Best of all, you can add an almost unlimited number of nodes to your core programming function.

Additionally, Node.js allows you to build high-performance apps. It runs on the Google V8 engine and used JS to attain a high degree of interoperability.

Moreover, Node.js is one of the fastest environments and lets you run your code faster. In addition, you can entertain concurrent requests from users without any hiccup.

Another area where Node.js shines is its ability to develop APIs.

Best of all, Node.js lets you market your app faster and reduce your development costs. It is a big factor when choosing the right framework for your project.

Coming to drawbacks, Node.js is not for beginners. Developers will also need an understanding of asynchronous programming to excel at this framework.


Django offers a simple approach to developing web apps. It is a great tool to give shape to your ideas in the shortest time.

Additionally, the framework allows programmers to focus on design and performance. They can stop worrying about repetitive tasks and complexities in web development.

For example, the tool is loaded with features to facilitate tasks like content administration and user authentication.

Therefore, Django is a favorite of businesses worldwide to create stellar products. It is a highly reliable choice as all the advantages of Python come with the framework.

Most importantly, Django empowers developers to build secure apps. It is very difficult to make mistakes that leave your app open to threats like SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and other attacks.

In addition, Django can support the growing needs of businesses by withstanding huge traffics.

However, Django is not very suitable for small-scale projects. It is also a single-tiered program and needs proficiency in Python.


Laravel is a feature-rich framework that helps you write less code. It comes with pre-built functions to implement a range of functions in websites quickly.

Therefore, it is an excellent choice to reduce your development budget.

Additionally, Laravel comes ready with a mail API service to automate emails and texts. It is also friendly towards caching integration and improves user experiences.

Moreover, Laravel takes care of security with protection against cross-site forgery, SQL injection, and similar attacks.

As a result, any app using payments can rely on Laravel for peace of mind.

Best of all, Laravel helps you develop reliable apps as it focuses on testing. Engineers can test a single function at a time to reduce the likelihood of bugs.

However, Laravel is not the best choice for custom development. You may need to rely more on third-party integrations.

In addition, it is also not the fastest framework around. Plus, your developers will need to be adept in PHP to generate the most returns out of the framework.

Final Thoughts

All the three frameworks we compared serve different purposes. Node.js is the most popular tool, while Django is also on the list. Additionally, all the tools help you develop quality web apps and come with recommendable features. You have to evaluate your needs and compare the frameworks to make the right choice. Wizard can also handle your development process and use the best tool after getting to know your project. So, contact us today to tell us more about your project.