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Clean and Modern design is our best specialist

Join us in this aesthetic experience of building your business from scratch. You provide us with ideas while we improvise, innovate and adapt. Our clients are not only our business partners, they are very much a part of the creation process, brainstorming sessions and so on.

We have provided extensive support to all the following brands, developing software, mobile apps, websites, flyers, brochures, all kinds of publicity materials, and a gamut of digital marketing services. Take your time and explore our portfolio.



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To ensure the shortest go-to-market, we implement Agile Methodologies in our approach, from design to development phases.Building long standing relationships with our clients is key, hence we focus on a collaborative approach and flexible payment methods and conducive contract terms.

Service Work

Real time tracking of technician's position. Completely integrated accounting solution. Free onboarding including data import from most existing software. Smart scheduling using GOOGLE map.
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Crimzon Glow

We are a team of dedicated technology strategy and execution professionals who have a more that 40 years of combined experience in the technology field. More than often, you will find IT organizations with a very technological focused demeanor.
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Dastur Energy

Dastur Energy (DE) is a great step in fighting the challenges of climate change. The company allows businesses and governments to design clean energy systems. We built DE a responsive website to attract more clients and grow its brand.
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Shakers Daily

Shakers Daily is a popular online grocery, meat, and food store operating in Kolkata. We helped design the website and scale it to run complex workloads. The simplicity and user experience of the website are also a trademark of Wizard.
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Gogras is an authentic Bengali establishment that serves delicious combo meals. It is a part of the Shaker’s Daily brand and carries our creative excellence. We helped build a separate page to promote Gogras and stand out from the competition.
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Naumi Fashions

Naumi Fashions is an Indian-based apparel retailer for men, women, and children. Wizard played the main role in creating Naumi’s online store and supporting its eCommerce operations. The website provides an engaging buying experience that converts directly into sales.
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Girlco is a popular beauty and personal care retailer in Bangladesh. Wizard created their online store and helped the company gain more exposure. The website can also support eCommerce sales and provide a holistic order management system at the back-end.
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Mass Awareness Campaign

Web Portal for Fire Disaster Management, as a part of Mass Awareness Campaign explaining the nature & types of Fire, Immediate action on Fire break out, Medical aid to injured etc
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Wondr Years

Wondr Years is a skill development platform for the young generation. Wizard helped the company create an awesome website leveraging our long experience in eLearning. The project was quite fun and showed how far our expertise could help businesses grow.
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Sunbridge Capital Partners

Sunbridge Capital Partners is a specialized investment management company. Wizard bagged the contract to build its website to help the company increase its visibility. Our team developed the simple website in record time with world-class best practices.
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Our executives and managers have specialized understanding of call center services for multiple industry and we will provide valuable insights and proven strategies to optimize your business.
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Parliament Museum

Indian Parliament Museum is a story-telling, interactive museum on Democratic Heritage of India. The story is woven by Virtual 3D Walkthrough, Digital Rich Media Interactions etc…
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Adayana Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Courseware translation and Voice Over recording for localization of digital interactive training module of TATA Motors…
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Camp Registration software for enrolling new students, tracking sales and refunding customers. UI/UX Design for ease of use.
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Interactive Courseware Development

Multipurpose training modules created for the employees of Aadhaar Enrolment Centres throughout India. The technical methodologies and processes have been described by illustrations, graphics, animation and voice over.
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Light a Lamp

Light a Lamp creates a platform for its students where skills, expertise, resources and need-based guidance can be rendered by a team of successful professionals and intellectuals from diverse backgrounds.
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Our executives and managers have specialized understanding of call center services for multiple industry and we will provide valuable insights and proven strategies to optimize your business.
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Care and Cure Home Healthcare

Provided end-to-end healthcare services on demand at your home without the extra cost.
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