Top 10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website

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Everyone says businesses should have a website. However, you get the same boring reasons when you ask why.

We at Wizard Communications decided to provide our take on the topic. Here are the top 10 benefits of a website for businesses in 2021.

1. Get More Customers

97% of today’s customers get to know a company better through online information. Additionally, 72% of those who search online walk into a store within five miles.

No matter what you sell, creating a website can instantly boost your customers. You can acquire new leads and pull in all the traffic from search engines that contain your name. Your website can provide information to visitors and contain hooks to convert them into customers.

A website can increase the footfall for brick-and-mortar stores. The same applies to businesses selling physical or digital goods and providing services. Your website can act as a storefront and help draw the attention of people looking to spend their money.

Additionally, any customer will expect you to have a website. No one is going to choose your product if they can’t find the information they are looking for.

2. Present and Sell Your Products

You would distribute brochures, hand out catalogs, or send your portfolio to potential clients in the old days. A website eliminates the need for all such paper presentations and provides a better platform to present your products.

You can take advantage of photos, videos, animations and more to make your offerings stand out. Your website can contain all product information and things you want people to know. You can tell your story and show why you are different from the rest of the competition.

Businesses can also build an eCommerce website and sell online. You will be able to benefit from a huge customer base and directly sell to your customers to retain all the profit.

The global online retail market will reach $6.54 trillion by 2022. Having a website means you can grab a share of the market. Even B2B companies can sell online and cut out intermediaries.

3. Drive Marketing and Sales Campaigns

Digital marketing is now the most preferred way to approach your customers. You can go for search engines like Google or advertise on social media like Facebook that has over 1.69 billion users.

No matter what you choose, you will need a landing page to collect your leads. A landing page is the actual campaign or product page that an ad redirects you to. You can create a single landing page and run your campaigns, but that’s not the way to go.

Any person clicking your campaigns will want more information. They will look for signs of trust like an About Us page, a Contact Us form, and details of your company.

Developing a website will let you create landing pages with a click. You can channel all your campaigns to your website that finally converts visitors to customers.

You can also appear as more trustworthy and a legit player in your industry.

4. Acquire and Collect Leads

Just setting up a website can increase your leads. People who were looking for you online now have the right place to go. They can check out your website and request a quote.

You can use your website to collect leads in a plethora of ways. Businesses can publish blogs and add a form at the end for readers to join your emailing list.

Another way is to run a survey or a quiz and ask people to sign up. You can even conduct giveaways and any promotion to attract more leads.

75% of businesses today use their website to generate leads by attracting more traffic.

5. Grow Brand Exposure

From a hospital to a digital marketing firm, every business needs to attract attention to survive the current competition. That means investing in growing your brand exposure so that more people are aware of your existence and products.

The internet has made it easier to attract attention, no matter how small you are. You have a chance to prove your worth and show your offerings really provide value.

The first step of growing your brand starts with establishing your online presence. Your website will be the foundation to set foot online and fuel your brand awareness.

You can promote your business on countless platforms and channels once you have your website. Think about it- all big and small names in the market have a website. From Tesla to your local pest control agency, everyone now uses a website to show what they mean.

You can do the same by creating a website!

6. Boost Your Revenues

A website can directly impact the bottom line of a few industries. Take your local pest control company, for example. They can get more business and generate more income by showing up on search results.

Similarly, your business can show up when someone searches for a product or service related to you. We talked about increasing your customers, and that means more sales for more revenues.

Industries like healthcare and servicing can also benefit from a website. A clinic can allow the scheduling of online appointments for assured cash flow. You can set up your website to accept payments using a range of payment methods.

Additionally, you can use many ways to generate income. You can host ads from third-parties and get paid for clicks or sales. Or, you can host paid content and sell to people all around the web.

The list is endless.

7. Provide a Great Customer Experience

The modern customer is quite demanding. He or she is spoilt with on-demand services and same-day shipping. As a result, you can’t expect business unless you provide excellent customer service. Businesses try many methods to please customers-

  • Provide live chat support
  • Sell online to remove buying barriers
  • Highly-targeted content
  • Gathering data for context-based service

Needless to say, most of these efforts will need a website to implement the practices. Additionally, your website can be a great tool to nurture your leads and make them into paying customers.

84% of businesses that put effort into improving customer experience end up boosting revenues. Plus, 96% of customers stress customer service for becoming loyal customers.

Now we hope you understand how important a website is for any business.

8. Save Money

Can a website help you save costs?

This is not a much-talked-about benefit, but we believe it is quite meaningful for any business. A website can actually help you cut costs and help you save. How is that possible?

Let’s analyze a few scenarios to make the picture clear. We used the example of a clinic allowing online appointment booking above. Now, if you didn’t allow online booking, a person would have to handle the process. You eliminate the need for human labor and paying wages just by taking things online.

Similarly, selling online can help you save on rent, utility bills, staff, and more needed to run a physical shop.

Additionally, a website can help you save on customer service costs. You can create a FAQ, develop a knowledgebase, and use automated chatbots to hire fewer customer representatives. Artificial intelligence can do a lot of the stuff a human customer care personnel does.

9. Establish Yourself as a Thought Leader

A thought leader is an expert that consumers look up to for legit opinions and recommendations. Every business tries to establish itself as the leading thought leader of the industry. They mean the last word to consumers and can influence trends and purchasing attitudes.

You can use several ways to make yourself a thought leader. The most basic step is to create a website and publish expert content regularly. You can also write guest posts, create your podcasts, or stream your videos.

As you can see, all these steps depend on your website. Your guest posts will link back to your website. You will publish blogs, also on your website. The same portal can also host your videos and help you go live.

You have nowhere to go without a website!

10. Operate 24/7

The biggest advantage of a website is that it never sleeps or needs to take a break. That means you can sell around the clock without any interruptions. Your website will be generating profits even if you are asleep or on vacation.

Customers can also find you without any restriction of operating hours. They can resolve queries, get the desired information, and even join your emailing list without your involvement.

Plus, a website makes your physical stores easier to find. Your business also becomes more accessible to your potential customers. You can also show up on Google Map and offer exact directions.

Build Your Website Today

You need a professional, custom-built website to meet the unique needs of your business. Wizard Communications can help you establish your online presence and grow brand exposure. We develop appealing and aesthetically-pleasing websites for all businesses. Our websites perform like a champ and deliver the best user experience.

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