Top 6 Backend Frameworks for Developing Your Web App

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Web apps are a great invention for businesses. They can develop once to target users or customers across platforms and systems.

As a result, web apps are more than a way to cut costs. In fact, progressive web apps that work on all screens have a significant impact on your bottom line and revenues.

As per research, progressive web apps boost conversions by 52%. In addition, they increase engagement rates by 137% to a staggering 400%.

Therefore, web apps can have a significant effect on your business.

Needless to say, you will want the best developers and tech stack to develop your web app. Among your tech stack, the backend development framework holds immense importance.

It allows you to develop the server-side of your app and is responsible for how your app performs. As a result, you should choose your backend framework with great caution.

Here are the top 6 backend frameworks you can consider for your project.

1. Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is one of the leading frameworks to develop your web app. It is used by 7.04% of developers around the world, as per Stack Overflow Survey 2021.

Additionally, top names in the industry like Airbnb, Github, and Shopify rely on the framework to generate profits.

Ruby on Rails goes a long way to help developers create your product quickly and efficiently. It comes with features like automated testing to save your effort.

Additionally, programmers can take advantage of countless libraries to code less. Naturally, that works out to lower your development costs.

Best of all, Ruby on Rails is ideal for rapid development. You can also scale your app easily to meet growing demand and needs.

2. Laravel

Laravel is another popular choice to develop the backend of your web app. 10.12% of coders worldwide use the framework to create fantastic solutions, as per StackOverflow.

Laravel is based on PHP, one of the most popular languages in the world. Additionally, PHP helps developers build a reliable product that performs well.

Businesses prefer the tool for development as it’s MVC-based. It simplifies the development process and allows you to market your apps faster.

Moreover, programmers can use the framework with relational databases and for app maintenance. The tool also improves app security and protects against many known vulnerabilities. In addition, implementing authentication is really simple.

Best of all, Laravel is highly test-friendly. Therefore you can always expect your products to delight your customers.

3. Django

Django is another MVC-based backend framework. It is powered by Python, which is used by 48.24% of developers, according to StackOverflow’s survey.

Most importantly, Django is behind the success of numerous popular apps we use every day. The list includes brands like Mozilla, Instagram, Pinterest, National Geographic, and more.

What makes Django click so well with leading businesses?

Django focuses on the DRY or the don’t repeat yourself approach. Therefore, developers can code once and reuse the same for other apps and services.

In addition, the framework allows businesses to build secure products. That becomes highly important if you deal with sensitive data or receive apps on your website.

Another good thing about Django is SEO-friendliness. You can configure your apps easily to be in favor of search engines.

4. Flask

Flask is another Python-based framework for backend development. As a result, programmers who are familiar with the language can leverage the framework without trouble.

Flask is a micro-framework that makes development simple. It doesn’t rely on components from external sources to build your app. As a result, you don’t have to deal with trust or security issues all the while.

Moreover, you can configure Flask in easy steps to keep things flexible. Therefore, the framework is customizable to even unique needs.

Best of all, Flask relies on modular code. The process goes a long way to provide better outcomes for testing.

In addition, the development lifecycle becomes efficient and you generate more returns on your investments.

5. Express.JS

ExpressJS is a Node.JS-based framework for developing the backend of your web app. It comes with predefined features to ease the development process. Programmers can take advantage of the highly popular framework to build apps that perform well.

Therefore, brands like Uber, IBM, and Accenture use Express.JS for their development needs.

Moreover, Express.JS brings the features of Node.JS on the table that you can implement easily. You can also expect to develop your server-end rapidly to win a competitive edge.

Most importantly, Express.JS makes way for efficient debugging. You can properly identify the components of the app that are buggy.

So, you can build a better web app with fewer bugs and more wow factor.

6. CakePHP

CakePHP is highly popular among businesses and developers. It is open-source and a great choice if you are tight on your development budget.

Additionally, the framework is programmed in PHP and offers all its benefits. CakePHP also uses the MVC architecture, which makes development fast and simple.

Moreover, the framework incorporates many proven concepts to make for a better app. The list includes data mapping, a front controller, and more.

Another advantage of CakePHP is the support for reusable code. Your developers can code once and use it across various platforms.

You also have in-built validation to save your effort and time. In addition, the framework comes with features like localization and caching flexibility.

It is also compatible with different versions of PHP.

Final Thoughts

Web apps are a great way to create your online and market presence. They are a great way to develop faster and target a large demographics of customers. You can rely on top backend frameworks to develop the server-side of your website. Some of the best choices include Laravel, Django, Ruby on Rails, Flask, and Express.JS. You can pick a tool that aligns with your needs and start developing. Wizard is here to lend a helping hand if you need a pro development team to handle your project. Contact us today to know how we can help.